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Circadian rhythms are” built in clocks” in our brain that regulate the timing and allow the maintenance of biological processes and daily behavior. Those rhythms must be reset to synchronize with nature’s cycle. Light exposure to the eyes is the strongest factor that allows this synchronization “entertainement” to happen. Melatonin plays a large role in effects of light on circadian rhythms.

Studies have shown that mostly three factors influence entertainememt:

The timing of exposure to light

The length of light exposure

and the intensity and the wavelength of light.


Disruption of circadian rhythm as a result of light also produces changes in metabolism. Daylight serves as the benchmark that electric lighting needs to mimic in order to optimize circadian health & wellbeing.

What does daylight have that most forms of electric lighting does not?

It’s the dynamic – ranging from really bright to darkness. It’s variable – from incredibly clear blue skies to lovely fushia sunsets.

This natural light cycle could be replicated with our interior lighting, to give ourselves the best chance of feeling good from day to day.

To support circadian health including lighting’s tunable white light technology color select were introduced in the new design. By independetly adjusting light levels & color temperature in  LED lights, the full dynamic range of natural daylight can be recreated in the interior of our gym.